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2012 Goals

January 3, 2012

I’m not someone who usually sets concrete goals. I think this is because they have always been set for me in some ways. Get good grades.. graduate high school, get into college, go to graduate school, achieve, achieve, achieve.

Now that I’m done with school, it feels strange because there is no tangible goal waiting at the end.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about what my goals should be now, and how I want them to reflect my values and my vision for my life.

So without further ado, here are my 2012 goals:

1) Transform my health and wellbeing by losing (at least) 52 pounds. This equates to 1 pound a week, which should be an achievable goal

2) Track my food consistently and attend regular WW meetings

3) Increase physical activity and work towards making exercise a habit and priority at least 3 times per week

4) Continue to eat fresh, whole foods and continue to decrease processed food from my diet

5) Continue to not drink soda and increase water intake

6) Become a better cook and educate myself in order to do so

7) Nurture my mental health and my self esteem – eliminate ‘fat talk’ from my self talk

8) Find a therapist to see regularly

9) Stay in better touch with my close friends near and far

10) Be myself and don’t apologize for it – work towards feeling more comfortable in my own skin

11) Find and create community in my new surroundings

12) Plan to do something really fun at least once a month

13) Get my voice back to the shape it was in 2008

14) Continue to blog – create a space here that is mine and reflects who I am

I look forward to this year – I can’t believe it is my last year as a 20-something!

I also look forward to interacting with you over the next year – to me, the blog world is all about community, and I want this space to help grow it.

What is one of your 2012 goals? What most helps you achieve your goals?

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