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Five for Friday (on Saturday)

October 22, 2011

Eh, a day late. I figure no one will mind.


Five Things I’m Loving Right Now

1. Dollar Tree

Do you guys know that you can buy greeting cards here for .50 cents?? This is huge! I bought ten cards today for the cost of potentially one card at a Hallmark. My mind was blown.

2. Honeycrisp Apples

Enough said. They are the jam.

3. Living near a Trader Joe’s for the first time in two years

Greek yogurt. The best taco seasoning. Mango strips. $4 a log goat cheese. White Bean Hummus. The list goes on and on. TJ’s I have missed you!

4. NetNewsWire

This is the reader I use, and I love it.

5. This banana bread recipe

It’s legit. Sub greek yogurt for the sour cream, but don’t skip it. It made for a lovely texture.


Five posts I loved reading this week:

The End of Best FriendsEat the Damn Cake – I’m still thinking about this one.

The Confidence ProjectSkinny Emmie – I will be joining the project.

One Year AgoBig Girl Feats – Inspiring.

A Worthy ReplacementHoney I Shrunk the Gretchen – Completely convinced me to try spaghetti squash.

Brain Food 101: How to Store BreadSavvy Eats – This is need-to-know information, people!


Five Shows I Watched This Week:

1. My First Place

2. Property Virgins (yes, I have an addiction to HGTV)

3. The Rosie Show (I love her)

4. Jersey Shore (shh.. it’s my guilty pleasure)

5. Modern Family (my fav)


Tell me your five!

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