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Homeward Bound

June 9, 2011

Happy Thursday!

I am already feeling much better than how I was feeling writing yesterday’s post. Probably because I got a much needed change of scenery. You see, I’ve spent the last ~6 weeks living at my boyfriend’s place (in a different state) trying to find a job.

I still need to pack up my apartment (oh, and move) so I am staying at my parent’s house on the way to eventually do that. It is always refreshing to come home. It’s comfortable and familiar. I also have an ever-increasing appreciation for my parents as I get older, so it’s nice to be able to spend time with them.

Today started bright and early at 7:00am, and it began where any good early morning road trip should:

Dunkin Donuts. I normally love their unsweetened iced tea and iced coffees, but this tea had a funky aftertaste so I only drank half. Win some, lose some.

After some mad traffic and plenty of singing along to a Mamas and Papas Pandora station (don’t judge), 2.5 hours later we arrived at the airport.

I made it through security easily and immediately tried to find some sort of breakfast item. Lots of unhealthy choices, but I scavenged till I found a place I could get an iced unsweet green tea (my fav) and a bagel. I was *thisclose* to getting oatmeal but they were out!

Then this happened:

(I apologize for the crappy iPhone pics. My camera is at my apartment, and as soon as I am reunited with it I’ll do my best to take less iPhone pics.) That’s my overflowing gate because my flight was delayed an hour. I didn’t really mind. It was actually pretty funny because, due to the delay, there were two flights going to the same place leaving within 5 minutes of each other, with flight numbers one number apart. I’m sure you can all guess how well that worked out for some people! Haha. Some people were quite confused, and the gate agents made several announcements of “please make sure you are boarding the correct flight!”.

So, now I’m at my parents, enjoying a change of pace. I was sort of surprised how little food my parents had here that fits with the way I’m trying to eat. Lots of processed foods mostly and drinks with fake sugars which I’m really trying to mostly avoid. I was able to find some wheat bread and made a tuna sandwich with pepperjack cheese, which was actually a really tasty addition. (Sorry no photo). I looked for some carrots or something to have on the side but settled on a handful of almonds instead. I see a trip to the store in my future. At least for some oats, carrots, hummus, yogurt, and apples. Those staples will help a lot.

Just to clarify, as of right now at least, I don’t plan on blogging all of my meals like some bloggers do. I read a lot of blogs that do that, and I love them, but I’m just not sure it’s right for me. I am going to see how it progresses, but as of right now it’s not my intention. I will mention foods and meals and may even include photos when I think it’s interesting or relevant though. K? K.

I decided to take yesterday and today (and probably tomorrow too) off from applying to jobs, and I have to admit it feels great. I think I really needed a break. I know I need to get back at it soon, but this break is just what I needed after months of being at it every day. It will all be waiting for me with open arms on Monday anyway — tedious online application forms and all!

Inspiring me today:

“In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm. In the real world all rests on perseverance.”- Goethe
What are some of your favorite inspirational quotes, thoughts, mantras?

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